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Artificial intelligence, and particularly natural language processing, will probably win multiple vote of confidence since the sexy new technology of the following year. The reasons for this could be that technology companies like Apple Computers, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Google, Amazon, and others have taken a strong stance with their services and products by releasing their new technologies into the open. Additionally, it’s not simply software that is being developed, but hardware as well. In reality, it isn’t only computers that we are speaking about this.

There has been a great deal of buzz around biotechnology and its latest popular obsession, gene editing. This technology, even if perfected, may allow people to modify their full genetic makeup in order to acquire a rare health condition or boost an present ability. And today there appears to be one biotech company in Silicon Valley trying to make this technology a reality.

So, what do we learn from the very overhyped technology of all time? To begin with, you want to ask yourself: Is this something I truly need to spend my cash on? Genetically altered foods are not only unnatural, but they also raise many ethical concerns. How could I feel about it when I knew genetically improved creatures or plants were fed ? Are those things I really willing to pay for?

My guess is that the most overhyped tech of 2110 will not be from the genetic area, at least not in the United States. My guess is it will be in computer sciences, especially artificial intelligence. It’s not easy to imagine why someone in Silicon Valley would take care of constructing artificial intelligence when that area of tech is already so cluttered. But I suppose that perhaps someone in China with less money would care more about creating artificially intelligent robotic doggies. That makes sense to me.

Another thing I’d say is that the most overhyped tech merchandise of 2110 will be the electric vehicle. This will most likely have the same effect as solar panels: it will make no sense whatsoever to spend thousands of bucks on a new electric car if the exact same car will be pushed primarily on dirt streets in poor weather. I cannot see anyone in a tech industry making this kind of error. In reality, electric cars are already in high demand. In case there is any question about that, just look at all of the solar panels being used to heat homes in the US right now.

If someone were to indicate the most overhyped tech products of this last decade are those that solve problems for various social problems, I believe that would be an accurate assessment. That might be things such as combating drug abuse, preventing human embryonic stem cell research, assisting poor countries, preventing water pollution, and many other issues. It may even be possible to eliminate poverty altogether. The present condition of the planet has made this seems very unlikely. But if a company that spends its time researching the future of healthcare might find a way to help eliminate poverty in the face of a problem, then I believe it is entirely possible that the study could be the secret to making an entire social issue go away.

The final thing I would say about researching how will the innovation ecosystem shift in 2021 is this: in order to get a technician product to be somewhat successful, it ought to have broad appeal. A new food processing apparatus might be wildly popular with health nuts, but if it’s just not practical for the average person to use, it is going to go mostly unnoticed. I see three factors working in this scenario. First, the new food processing device will likely have to go through very rigorous trials before it is accessible to the public.

Secondly, as new technologies emerge, the older ones tend to be relic products which simply cannot improve upon their existing function. Finally, because of the great number of high-functioning systems that stay stagnant, there’ll always be a need for a system upgrade. In the event the Pandemic breaks out in the tech business, the next biggest problem that faces humanity and civilization will be trying to work out how to deal with the outbreak. As far as do you predict that the newest technology trends will happen within the upcoming few decades, I would say the Pandemic will occur in the regions of personal tech and schooling, possibly combined.

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